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The financial impact justifies biodiversity as a sustainable impact investment option.



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Biodiversity Solutions International SaaS consists of the Biodiversity Valuator, which integrates multidisciplinary valuation techniques to calculate a financial value for biodiversity; and the Environmental Footprint Calculator (EFC), which is an environmental and biodiversity footprint rating solution for private and corporate use.

Impact Investing

With mass extinctions and climate change, it is time to take responsibility. Impact investing helps to generate not only financial returns but also environmental impact.
Number of
Threatened Species

Value of
Impact Investments

USD 715bn
Value of
Conservation Investments

USD 8bn

Conservation Portfolio

Considering the need for biodiversity conservation and the importance of impact investing, Endangered Wildlife OÜ is currently in the process of developing a conservation portfolio. This portfolio consists of two conservation programmes in Europe that rewild endangered species using a circular economy model; and an educational mobile game that allows for awareness raising while having fun.

Biodiversity Projects

We are committed to saving all biodiversity by working with verifiable projects that engage with saving threatened species. We assist these conservation projects by justifying conversation value and by listing their profiles on our platform. Funding assistance can also be under consideration.

Latest blog posts

Endangered species, the value of biodiversity, investing, biodiversity hotspots, ocean conservation and why biodiversity is important … we blog about it all.
Parallels between Humans and Biodiversity
Parallels between Humans and Biodiversity
The 2019 OECD report states that the annual global value of ecosystem services is estimated at USD 125-140 trillion. Viewed differently, this would equate to more than 1.5x the value of annual global GDP. This makes biodiversity a global superpower with its closest rivals in terms of GDP value being America at USD 19.5 trillion and China at USD 12.2 trillion.
ESG and Conservation
ESG and Conservation
Let’s start with the fact that ESG represents the Environmental, Social and Governance guidelines that are subscribed to by a growing number of companies. Of course, E for Environment really covers a diverse range of interests: climate change, pollution, resource management and limiting humanity’s ecological footprint.
Biodiversity as an Investment Product
Biodiversity as an Investment Product
At the core of Biodiversity Solutions International’s product is biodiversity – we determine the value of biodiversity and help to widen the conservation impact investment universe. However, in order to facilitate this, it needs to be understood that effectively, directly or indirectly, biodiversity would need to be used to generate returns to investors – this can lead to philosophical debates as to whether it is ethical to utilise nature for profit. BSI, however, purports that it is not a matter of making a profit from nature but how the profit is made.

We Value Each Species
We Value All Life

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