Endangered Wildlife OÜ, the award-winning ESG company, prepares Biodiversity Strategy and Implementation Plans in accordance with the ESRS E4 Biodiversity and Ecosystems Standard. And, uniquely, also calculates credible and reliable financial values of biodiversity to integrate biodiversity into the reporting and decision-making processes.



Report on Biodiversity
Measure your Impact

Together with our strategic partners, we create innovative and standard-compliant Biodiversity Strategies and Implementation Plans, and surpass requirements with our Biodiversity Valuator, a multidisciplinary valuation technique that calculates a credible and accountable financial value for biodiversity.

The Environmental Footprint Calculator (EFC) is an environmental and biodiversity footprint rating solution.

Reporting Standards

Are you prepared for the new Biodiversity Standards from 2024?

We can help you navigate the growing biodiversity reporting landscape.

As Best in Class, we also calculate a financially reliable value for biodiversity; and identify potential financial effects from biodiversity-related impacts, risks and opportunities.
Number of
Threatened Species

> 42,100
Value of
Impact Investments

> USD 1tn
Value of
NbS Investments

> USD 133bn

Biodiversity Strategy

Considering the shift in reporting standards and requirements, companies need to account for biodiversity in their operating activities. Endangered Wildlife OÜ can assist companies by preparing Biodiversity Strategies and Implementation Plans to meet these growing requirements.

Biodiversity Projects

We assist biodiversity conservation projects by justifying conservation value and by listing their profiles on our platform.

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Endangered species, the value of biodiversity, investing, biodiversity hotspots, ocean conservation and why biodiversity is important … we blog about it all.
Supporting ESRS E4 Requirements
Supporting ESRS E4 Requirements
On 31 July 2023, the European Commission confirmed the adoption of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). These standards are to be applied gradually from January 2024 by all companies that are subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
The Just Value of Biodiversity
The Just Value of Biodiversity
We know for a fact that there are 1m species at risk of extinction. We know for a fact that USD 44tn are at risk due to the impending biodiversity loss. We know for a fact that biodiversity provides humanity with vital material, non-material and regulatory services. We know for a fact that biodiversity underpins ecosystem functions and is necessary for resilient stocks of natural capital.
30×30 – is this the solution?
30×30 – is this the solution?
For too long now, humanity has taken nature and biodiversity for granted. It is a natural resource that has been overexploited, but we are now facing the distinct reality that the overconsumption of this finite resource is running out. In order to ensure the long-term survival of our own species, there needs to be a solution that ensures the intricate balance of the ecosystems.

We Value Each Species
We Value All Life

Management Team

Multidisciplinary skillset
Passionate, inclusive, international team
Shana Vida Gavron
Michele Milstein
Flavio Neri
Interim CTO

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