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On 31 July 2023, the European Commission confirmed the adoption of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). These standards are to be applied gradually from January 2024 by all companies that are subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).


We know for a fact that there are 1m species at risk of extinction. We know for a fact that USD 44tn are at risk due to the impending biodiversity loss. We know for a fact that biodiversity provides humanity with vital material, non-material and regulatory services. We know for a fact that biodiversity underpins ecosystem functions and is necessary for resilient stocks of natural capital.


For too long now, humanity has taken nature and biodiversity for granted. It is a natural resource that has been overexploited, but we are now facing the distinct reality that the overconsumption of this finite resource is running out. In order to ensure the long-term survival of our own species, there needs to be a solution that ensures the intricate balance of the ecosystems.


In November 2021, the IFRS announced the formation of the ISSB, which will be developing disclosure standards pertaining to climate change and other sustainability issues. The ISSB will merge the work done by the CDSB, TCFD and VRF with the intention to launch the IFRS SDS by 2023.


The apex predators intrigue and inspire humans. There is something within human psychology that makes people fascinated with both human and animal predators. Even just looking at the 15 top grossing movies of all time there are two winning themes – fantasy and predators. Within the top 15 are Jurassic World, The Lion King and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – all three movies centre around powerful predators.


The 2019 OECD report states that the annual global value of ecosystem services is estimated at USD 125-140 trillion. Viewed differently, this would equate to more than 1.5x the value of annual global GDP. This makes biodiversity a global superpower with its closest rivals in terms of GDP value being America at USD 19.5 trillion and China at USD 12.2 trillion.


At the core of Biodiversity Solutions International’s product is biodiversity – we determine the value of biodiversity and help to widen the conservation impact investment universe. However, in order to facilitate this, it needs to be understood that effectively, directly or indirectly, biodiversity would need to be used to generate returns to investors – this can lead to philosophical debates as to whether it is ethical to utilise nature for profit. BSI, however, purports that it is not a matter of making a profit from nature but how the profit is made.


To conceptualise the problem Biodiversity Solutions International is tackling, it is necessary to consider the challenge that faces the world today. In 2018, the world lost its last northern white rhino male, the vaquita porpoise headed further towards extinction, and poachers continue to target rare species. The outlook is no better, with more habitat loss, legislative attacks and extinctions.


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